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Experience guaranteed catches and endless excitements while fishing on a professional fishing boat in the one among the abundant places in

the Red Sea for deep sea fishing!

A 3 days fishing trip is an excellent choice for anglers or those just starting out in long range fishing and will give anyone

a great offshore experience. 

3 day trips are what get the crew of the Fishing in Hurghada charters excited. This is what we live for,

to get away from land for multiple days and get to fish the distant offshore waters.

We are able to fish for a multitude of different offshore and deep water species on the same trip.

With Multi Days Fishing Trips Our Fishing Options are Limitless.

Typically we will do a combination of deep water live bait fishing for big reef fish like Amber jacks, groupers and snappers,

we can swordfish at night.  We have the option to tuna fish for yellow fin tuna and dolphin fish.

We offer truly spectacular Hurghada charter fishing trips!

We typically will customize our fishing trip to the customer's desires and time frame.

We have several different start times, but typically the earlier we leave the better.

I really enjoy leaving the night before and traveling all night to be on the far offshore fishing grounds at daylight.

-Multi 3 day trips are special for several reasons. Watching the sunset and rise while far offshore is not

something that everyone gets to do. It is pretty awesome just being there. It's like a serious adult camping trip with all of

the comforts of home! The fishing is incredible and you never know what you are going to catch next.



Get a group together or join us for our three days fishing trips up to deep Sea. Trips can be from three to five days.

Get onboard and enjoy some of the best fishing grounds the Red Sea has to offer. Bottom bouncing for emperor, Coral

Trout to name a few as well as trolling for Mackerel, Sailfish or have a go at deep dropping for Snappers.Then at the end

of each day anchoring up around the islands to relax and have dinner and rest up before the next day of fishing. 

On this length fishing trip you will also have a chance to fish the offshore high spots of the Red Sea, which can produce a

variety of species including some amazing Grouper fishing.

Target Species:

Tuna, Barracudas, Wahoo fish , Giant Trevally , Marlin, Dorado , Amberjack, Grouper and others.


  • Maximum number of anglers onboard: 8 Persons
  • Be sure to bring your own tackle for the trip as well, and any other specialized fishing equipment . 
  • Accommodation in comfortable Cabins.
  • The Fishing trip at Hurghada is offered all year round.
  • Recommended to bring hat, sun-protector cream, towel and comfortable shoes 
  • Trolling & bottom professional equipment will be provided

Tour included:

  • Trolling, Rods, Reels and Bottom  tackle  in the boat.
  • Baits
  • Soft drinks,breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, Fruits 
  • Fully Qualified, experienced, professional crew on the boat 
  • Safety equipment
  • Ice boxes  & Bottled Water
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Bilingual crew


Price: contact us please: WhatsApp & Viber & Telegram


The price for renting a yacht for up to 8 people.

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 Different types of Deep Sea Fishing

There are many different ways to catch a fish, and the method you choose will depend on the fish you are trying to catch, as well as the

time of day and how they are feeding or presenting in the area of Sea where you are fishing. The most common types of sport fishing

are  trolling, chumming, popping, and jigging. The most popular method to fish for Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, even Mahi- Mahi is by

trolling. Depending on the species you are trying to catch you’ll want to maintain a speed of 6– 10 knots. The deeper you set your bait,

the slower
you’ll want to troll.

 Where you choose to troll will also depend on what species you are expecting to catch, as well as the bait fish spotted in the area.

Trolling is effective with all kinds of lures and bait, which on one hand can be great, but on the other hand may make it hard to choose

what to use. It’s ideal to have a good variety of options onboard, and be ready to switch things up. But, one thing is for sure: it won’t be

boring! Favorite all-purpose baits are squid, and it’s common to Jigging is another way to draw a large fish to the surface. 

In these scenarios, the boat will be drifting along an underwater the sea mount or ridge.

Anglers will drop lines with lures at different depths and jig to attract the bite. The best place to drop a jig is in the middle of a bait



Deep Sea Bottom Fishing

Even when you are far out in 150 to 200 FT water you can go bottom fishing. Bottom fishing scores a different kind of fish, demersal

instead of pelagic. Demersal fish live and feed on or near the bottom of the sea in the demersal zone.

The objective for rigs that are used in bottom fishing is to take your bait to the bottom, where the water hits the sand, and lure in the

fish. Bottom fishing mostly uses live bait like squid also uses artificial lures but.

Fishing is done when the boat is stopped (anchored or drifting over “spots” where fish are known to lurk in shallow water – 100 – 300

feet deep.)  

By dropping a weighted line in the desired location, you can catch a number of demersal fish such as snapper, grouper, and more.

The bait, of course, has to be appetizing to the fish, which is why live bait is often used more often than artificial lures.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, you’re sure to enjoy a fishing trip aboard one of our comfortable boats!   

We provide deep sea fishing excursions at various times of the day so you can choose what best fits your schedule.

Quality equipment, baits, licenses and refreshments included!

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 BBQ deep sea fishing

( starting from 16:30 till 23:30 )


Searching for something a little different?

How about a romantic evening on board with a unique deep sea fishing experience while, enjoying the Red Sea sunset and a Barbecue.

This is truly a unique experience; you will spend the day fishing, and have a fish BBQ on the boat.

This tour is combined to provide a unique adventure suitable for all experience anglers levels and interests.

7 hour afternoon fishing deep sea trips are perfect for beginners and expert anglers, or have limited time available.

Our friendly, experienced, Crew will show you the best techniques for catching a wide variety of bottom dwelling and pelagic fish


 Our species target  include Breams, Mackerel, Red Snapper, Job fish, Tuna, Wahoo, Grouper, Jack Trevally and more.





  • Transfer from your hotel, and return
  • Professional rods, reels
  • High quality bait, tackle, Gear and jigs
  • Fishing license for the duration of the trip
  • Assistance on fishing techniques with jigs, rigs, tangles and more
  • Up to 6 hours of fishing time, we’ll search the seas for your perfect catch for best results
  • Toilet on board
  • Ice boxes (for drinks and fishes
  • BBQ fish dinner
  • Soft drinks & Bottled water
  • All service charges, and Taxes


  • Personal expenses
  • Optional activities



Everything is provided, but if you have your own rods and jigs that you want to bring, please feel free to so.


Price: contact us please: WhatsApp & Viber & Telegram


The price for renting a yacht for up to 8 people.



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The 24 hours deep sea fishing charter:


These 24-hour charters are a real overnight deep sea fishing trip, and a great way to experience a very different kind of deep sea fishing


In this trip we head out to the Offshore fishing grounds for a great night of the Red Sea reefs and big game Fishing


These charters are designed around a number of key elements:

- Be sure that we get as close as we can to the best Moon cycle.

- Fishing reefs known to work well for real late night deep sea fishing.

- Moving to another reef for a real Sunrise deep sea fishing.

- And of course making the major use of the tide changes!


We recommend this length of trip to those highly experienced with Deep Sea Charter Fishing, Or those want to get such experience.

In general in this charter we travel up to 45nm offshore.

Overnight charters include a dinner, breakfast.

There is sleeping accommodation for up to 8 persons at once.



Evening a hot BBQ is included, breakfast, coffee, tea.

Water and soft drinks are included, as well as other snacks throughout the charter to ensure your stomach never distracts you from the


We will have a full crew complement on for this trip to ensure you are looked after properly.


Equipment and Bait Included:

  Fishing in Hurgahad charter includes all fishing equipment and bait on every private boat charter.

  Top quality professional rods, reels, hooks, sinkers and tackle for an idyllic day of fishing in the Red Sea.


Price: contact us please: WhatsApp & Viber & Telegram


The price for renting a yacht for up to 8 people.

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Deep sea fishing trip (nighttime) Night fishing:

           ( starting from 16:30 till 06:30 am in the following day )


Our 14-hour night deep sea fishing are by far and away the best way to experience the true Deep Sea Fishing.

We recommend this length of tour to those highly experienced with Deep Sea Fishing.

Night deep sea fishing trip are very unique sea fishing trip, and after all the hustle of the day, it will seem like you have the whole Red

Sea to yourself!

While traveling on the boat, feel free to relax in the upper deck cabin, then when the boat approaches the reef, prepare to fish under the

magic of the moon and the stars.

This tour is perfect for first time anglers as well as the experienced anglers.

In the Night deep sea fishing you Catch the magnificent Red Sea sunset and then start night fishing whilst surrounded by the moon and

stars amidst a feeling of wonderment!

At night deep sea fishing we mainly target Snapper, which is a prolific night feeding fish, at our Red Sea fishing spots where they


we can also go in search of Red Snapper, Giant Trevally, and other night feeding fish during these Red Sea evening fishing trips.




Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, you’re sure to enjoy a fishing trip aboard one of our comfortable boats!


Tour included:

  • Top Quality Fishing gear, Rods, Reels, Bait & Tackle
  • 2 Trolling in the boat.
  • Baits
  • Soft drinks, Diner, Breakfast, Fruits 
  • Fully Qualified, experienced, professional crew on the boat 
  • Safety equipment
  • Ice boxes  & Bottled Water
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Bilingual crew


What to bring:

Comfortable shoes and clothes, a camera

Suitable for:

Experienced or beginner anglers – solo travelers – couples – groups – families.


Price from 500 $

The price is for renting a yacht for up to 6 people.




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