The 24 hours OVERNIGHT deep sea fishing charter:

These 24-hour charters are a real overnight deep sea fishing trip, and a great way to experience a very different kind of deep sea fishing


These charters are designed around a number of key elements:-

Be sure that we get as close as we can to the best Moon cycle.-

-Fishing reefs known to work well for real late night deep sea fishing.

-Moving to another reef for a real Sunrise deep sea fishing.

-And of course making the major use of the tide changes!

We recommend this length of trip to those highly experienced with Deep Sea Charter Fishing, Or those want to get such experience.

In general in this charter we travel up to 45nm offshore.

Overnight charters include a dinner, breakfast.

There is sleeping accommodation for up to 8 persons at once.


Evening a hot BBQ meal is included, as is a substantial breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea

Water and soft drinks are included, as well as other snacks throughout the charter to ensure your stomach never distracts you from the


We will have a full crew complement on for this trip to ensure you are looked after properly.

And of course as always all bait, tackle, use of rods and reels is included.


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